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Fordham's Graduate School of Business offers more than 185 courses in Accounting, Business Economics, Business Law, Communications and Media Management, System Design, Finance, Information and Communications Systems, Management Systems, Marketing, and Taxation.

Class sessions are two hours long and are held during the day and in the evenings, Monday through Thursday. There are a selected number of online classes available as well.

The two letters at the beginning of each course number are abbreviations for the following:

AC = Accounting
BE = Business Economics
BL = Business Law
CM = Communications and Media Management
DG = System Design

FN = Finance
IS = Information Systems
MG = Management Systems
MK = Marketing
TX = Taxation

As for the numbers following the letters, the 6000s usually indicate a core or basic course, while the 7000s are advanced-level courses. Finally, Special Topics courses are offered from time to time to permit faculty and students to explore a business topic of current interest. The special topic and its prerequisites are announced when the course is offered.

Course Listings

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