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The Frank J. Petrilli Center for Research in International Finance

CRIF Seminar Series

Spring 2011

Gerald P. Dwyer, FRB Atlanta and University of Carlos III, Madrid, “Systematic and Liquidity Risk in Sub-prime Mortgage-backed Assets”, co-authored with Mardi Dungey and Thomas Flavin, March 11

Juan Pablo Nicolini, FRB Minneapolis, “Topic to be announced”, April 15

Alan M. Taylor, University of Californai, Davis NBER, and CEPR, “Credit Booms Gone Bust:Monetary Policy, Leverage Cycles, and Financial Crises, 1870-2008”, co-authored with Moritz Schularick,

Fall 2010

Edward Nelson, Federal Reserve Board, “Postwar Financial Crises and Economic Recoveries in the United States”, co-authored with David Lopez-Salido, October 15

Antonio Moreno, University of Navarra, “Macrocenocmic Regimes”, co-authored with Lieven Baele, Geert Bekaert, Seonghoon Cho and Koen Inghelbrecht, November 5

Ralf Hepp, Fordham University Economics Department, “ Securitization and the Balance Sheet Channel of Monetary Polity”, co-authored with Uluc Aysun, November 19

James R. Lothian, Fordham University Business School, “Exchange Rates and Prices in the Netherland and Britian over the Past Four Centuries”, co-authored with John Deverux, December 3

Spring 2010

Kanda Naknoi, Purdue, "Exchange Rate Pass-through and Market Structure in Multi-country World," April 9

Joshua Aizenman, University of California at Santa Cruz, "Using Inflation to Erode the U.S. Public Debt," March 5.

James R. Lothian, Fordham University, "Why Money Matters: A Fourth Episode in Friedman's Natural Experiment," February 19

Paul McNelis and Li Gu, Fordham University, "Euro Appreciation and Chinese Fear of Floating: Pressures from the NDF Market," February 5.

Fall 2009

N.K. Chidambaran, Fordham University,"Managerial Horizon, Voluntary Disclosure and Firm Risk", co-authored with Kose John, NYU.

Naoyuki Yoshino/ Keio University, Tokyo. "An Empirical Analysis of Japanese Banking Behavior in a Period of Financial Instability."

James R. Lothian, Fordham University, "U.S. Monetary Policy and the Financial Crisis."

Spring 2009

James R. Lothian, Fordham University "Milton Friedman's Monetary Economics and the Quantity Theory Tradition," April 2004.

Pamela C. Moulton, Fordham University "Earning More Attention: The Impact of Market Design on Attention Constraints" March 30.

Ulf Nielsson, Columbia University "Stock Exchange Merger and Liquidity" February 9.

Fall 2008

James R. Lothian, Fordham University "The Behavior of Prices and Nominal Exchange Rates across Exchange-Rate Regimes: Three Natural Experiments," October 24.

Conference on "Money and Monetary Policy" co-sponsored with the Journal of International Money and Finance and the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and held at Fordham University, October 6, 2008.

Spring 2008

Giorgio Valente University of Leicester "Exchange Rates and Fundamentals: Footloose Or Evolving Relationship?" Coauthored with Lucio Sarno.

Paul D. McNelis, Fordham University, "A Bayesian Comparison of the Gold Standard and the Great Moderation," coauhored with Gabriel Fagan and James R. Lothian.

Peter S. Sephton, School of Business, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada "Unit Roots and Purchasing Power Parity: Another Kick at the Can."

Guglielmo M. Caporale, Brunel University, London. "Fiscal Shocks and Real Exchange Rate Dynamics: Some Evidence for Latin America."

James R. Lothian, Fordham University, "The Behavior of Prices and Nominal Exchange Rates across Exchange-Rate Regimes: Some Natural Experiments"

Fall 2007

Viktoria Hnatkovska, University of British Columbia, "Home Bias and High Turnover: Dynamic Portfolio Choice with Incomplete Markets."

Anamaria Ionescu, Colgate University, "Bankruptcy Rules, College Enrollment and Default Incentives for Student Loans: International Comparisons."

Gary Schinasi, International Monetary Fund, "Resolving EU Financial stability challenges: Is a Decentralized Decision-Making Approach Efficient?"

Spring 2007


Guay Lim and Paul McNelis, "Fiscal and Current Account Balances in a Model with Sticky Prices and Distortionary Taxes."


Gabriel Fagan, of the European Central Bank, "Adjusting to the Euro."


Jim Lothian, Fordham University, "Irving Fisher, Expectational Errors and the UIP Puzzle." Paper was coauthored with Rachel Campbell, Maastricht University and RSM Erasmus University, Kees Koedijk, RSM Erasmus University and CEPR, and Ronald Mahieu, RSM Erasmus University.


Guglielmo M. Caporale, Brunel University, London, "A Comparison Between Tests for Changes in the Adjustment Coefficients in Cointegrated Systems." Professor Caporale is this year's Petrilli Center Fellow and will be in residence at Fordham April 18 through April 24.


Matthew Morey, Pace University,"Corporate Governance Ratings in Emerging Markets: Implications for Market Valuation, Internal Firm Performance, Dividend Payouts and Policy."


The seminars will be held at:

Lincoln Center Campus
113 West 60th Street (between 60th street and 9th avenue),
New York, NY 10023

All Seminars are held at 11:00 AM.


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