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    MBA & Special MBA Programs Application
Application requirements listed below relate to the following MBA programs:
  • Traditional MBA
  • Deming Scholars MBA
  • Global Professional MBA
  • JD/MBA
  • MBA/MIM (“Thunderbird”)
  • MBA in Public Accounting
  • MBA in Taxation and Accounting (MTA)
Application Requirements Transcripts
Applicants are required to submit transcripts for all course work that counted towards undergraduate- and graduate-level degrees. The transcripts must be forwarded to the Fordham Graduate School of Business Admissions Office in their official and original format with either the signature or seal of the university’s registrar across the seal of the envelope. Any transcripts not received in this format will be considered void. Applicants submitting transcripts that are in a foreign language must have the transcripts translated into English by an official translating service (i.e. World Education Services). Both the original and translated versions must be submitted in their official formats. While transcripts from Continuing Education Programs are not required, applicants may submit such transcripts as supplemental information.

Transcript Request Form (.pdf)
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All applicants are required to submit an official GMAT or GRE score. If an applicant has not indicated a university to which Pearson-Vue (GMAT) or ETS (GRE) should send their official results, then it is the applicant’s responsibility to contact Pearson-Vue or ETS to do so. For further information regarding Pearson-Vue and the GMAT, please refer to For further information regarding the GRE, please refer to

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Letters of Recommendation
Letters of Recommendation are used to provide an insight to the applicant’s managerial ability and motivation. Therefore, the Admissions Committee requires that applicants procure recommendations from individuals who can best attest to these attributes. Current supervisors, managers, clients and co-workers often prove to be the best source. However, the Admissions Committee understands that informing these individuals of future plans can be impossible for a variety of reasons. In such cases, letters from previous employers will be accepted. Applicants may also submit a supplemental recommendation if they wish to provide an academic or personal reference.

Letters of Recommendation Form (.pdf)
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Essays are an opportunity for applicants to express themselves in areas that may not have been reflected in other portions of the application.

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Professional Resume
Resumes should be submitted in a professional format and include contact information (name, address, phone, fax, email), educational background, work experience, and skills.

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If English is not an applicant’s first language and he or she did not attend an English-speaking undergraduate university, then the TOEFL is required (contact them at A minimum score of 600 on the paper version, 250 on the computer version, and 100 on the Internet-based version are required. If the applicant does not achieve this minimum score the admissions committee may ask an applicant to take the English as a Second Language (ESL) proficiency exam. Depending upon the results of this exam, the applicant may be required to take coursework in Fordham University’s Institute of American Language and Culture prior to starting his or her MBA program.

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Interviews are not a required component of the application. Applicants may, however, request an interview. An interview will not be granted until the individual’s application has been deemed complete. As interview availability is limited, it is requested that an applicant submit his or her application at least 30 days before the application deadline to ensure an interview. The Admissions Committee may also request an applicant to come in for an interview. In this case the interview is a required component of the application process. An application will not be reviewed until the interview is completed. The Admissions Office will schedule a time that is most convenient for the applicant.

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Application Fee
If an applicant applies online, then he or she may make payment by a credit card. Otherwise, payment must be made by check or money order payable to Fordham University. The $130 application fee is nonrefundable. Fee waivers are not provided.

For more information, contact:
Admissions Office
Fordham Graduate School of Business
33 West 60th Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10023
Phone: (212) 636-6200

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