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    MS in Business Analytics
Fordham's Master of Science in Business Analytics will help you to spin data into insight.

There is a need across industry for sharp thinkers who can harness the power in massive pools of information — about consumers, performance, productivity, and any other topic you can imagine.

Through an MSBA, you will acquire the core skills of business analytics: applying quantitative and qualitative methods and tools to data to enable informed, strategic business decisions. You will be sought after by companies that are confronting an increasingly complex world, an urgent need to stay ahead of the competition, and an onslaught of collected data that demands interpretation.

Read any blog, magazine or other news source and you'll see stories about how organizations in every business niche are starting to use information to their advantage. Be part of that rising discipline. Business analytics is helping companies to grow, differentiate themselves from competitors, make smart choices about products and pricing, improve their efficiency, and perform better.

Let us teach you how to uncover unexpected associations and patterns that will give companies a reason to improve and change. Explore these pages, and contact the program director for more information:

Professor W. "RP" Raghupathi
Professor of Information Systems
Academic Program Director, MSBA
Director, Center for Digital Transformation

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