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Fordham has developed several Master of Science programs that provide industry-focused business skills within a specific competency. These business programs allow you to fine-tune your abilities without the broader coursework of an MBA.
  • MS in Accounting - prepares students for the NYS CPA examination
  • MS in Applied Statistics and Decision Making (MSSD) - gives students the analytic skills to succeed in data-driven decision making and planning careers in fields such as Finance, Marketing, Manufacturing, Health Care, and Public Policy. It also prepares students who wish to pursue a Ph.D. in Statistics and/or Decision Making.
  • MS in Business Analytics (MSBA) - prepares graduates for exciting career opportunities in the growing field of Business Analytics. Corporations across a variety of industries have increasing need for employees with strategic thinking skills combined with the technical tools of business analysis for data and model-driven management decision making
  • MS in Business Enterprise (MBE) - a new program designed to prepare students with little or no business experience for successful career paths in business and management
  • MS in Global Finance (MSGF) - designed for students who want to enhance their knowledge of global finance. Prepares students to understand the challenges of managing multinational companies operating in a complex and globally interconnected financial marketplace. No previous business experience is required
  • MS in Human Resources Management (MSHRM) - prepares graduates for strategic human resources management careers in corporations, not-for-profit organizations, and government.
  • MS in Information Systems (MSIS) - provides technical and business skills to students who plan to pursue a technology leadership career in business.
  • MS in Investor Relations (MIR) - a new program created to meet the growing demand for IR professionals. Students will gain skills in accounting, finance, and investments, learn fundamentals of effective strategic communication and information technologies, and develop a foundation in legal principles and ethics related to investor relations
  • MS in Marketing Intelligence (MSMI) - designed to launch high-potential recent graduates into successful marketing careers that require detailed understanding of consumers and markets. Covers the fundamentals of marketing intelligence skills needed to make evidence-based decisions using qualitative and quantitative data
  • MS in Media Management - designed specifically to meet the professional needs of individuals currently working in the media and entertainment industries
  • MS in Nonprofit Leadership - (co-sponsored by GBA and Fordham Graduate School of Social Service) a new degree that uniquely integrates education in management skills with a social justice perspective.
  • MS in Taxation - designed for those who wish to expand their proficiency in taxation and at the same time obtain a graduate degree in the field
  • MS in Quantitative Finance - prepares students to model and value complex securities, design and implement creative portfolio management strategies, use the most up-to-date risk management systems, and perform a broad range of financial engineering tasks
  • 3Continent Master of Science in Global Management ("3CMGM") - A unique global master's degree, where students earn 2 master's degrees in 12 months while attending 3 premier business schools across 3 continents. 3CMGM is a full-time international residency program for high-potential recent university graduates or professionals seeking to broaden their global management experience. Partners: Antwerp Management School, Antwerp, Belgium and Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, India

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