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Center for Research in Contemporary Finance

The primary mission of the Center is to conduct research and provide continuous discourse on contemporary challenges and developments in the financial industry, with a view to bringing together diverse participants of the industry and to providing meaningful guidance to policy makers in the context of Fordham's fundamental Jesuit philosophy of critical analysis, ethics and social justice. The following is a more elaborate list of the Center's goals:

1. Provide a platform for discussion, critical analysis and exchange of ideas among practitioners, academics and policy-makers on contemporary issues and challenges in the Financial Industry.

2. Provide a platform for disseminating Fordham’s distinctive contribution to this dialogue in terms of Jesuit educational philosophy and Fordham’s emphasis on justice and ethical, responsible management.

3. Enhance Fordham’s engagement in New York’s financial community and thereby fulfill the University’s strategic focus on our New York presence.

4. Increase the visibility of Fordham’s finance faculty in the NYC Financial community in a recurring, high-profile, and manner.

5. Bring contemporary financial topics into our curriculum and research in a systematic manner.
6. Improve the internship and hiring opportunities of our graduates.

7. Bring additional fees and donations to Fordham.

8. Improve the quality and the perception of Fordham Business School, and assist in attaining the goal of Prominence and Preeminence.

  Latest News

11.21.2014 - Seminar speaker : William Kerr from Havard Business School

11.14.2014 - Seminar speaker :
Andrew Karolyi from Cornell University (Executive Editor of the Review of Financial Studies)

11.07.2014 - Seminar speaker :
Jarrad Harford from University of Washington (Managing Editor of the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis)

10.10.2014 - Seminar speaker :
Harold Zhang from University of Texas at Dallas

10.03.2014 - Seminar speaker :
Andres Liberman from New York University

09.12.2014 - Seminar speaker :
Johannes Stroebel from New York University

09.05.2014 - Seminar speaker :
 Alex Butler from Rice University

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